četvrtak, 8. listopada 2009.

Mugo "Metuselah"

Hm, another collecting trip. This was a hard one. My body is broken, so was my yamadori soul in one moment. Extremely difficult terrain, steep rock faces, dense forest, huge mugo trees...
Cold, wet and windy morning, fog on the top of the mountain lingered all day...

Huge, old and weather beaten Picea trees

Chajko in the mist.

And this is area where Mugo lives, high in the mountains on rocky slopes, in the early morning mist...

This peak is our destination for today.
Chajko with mugo trees
And, my hunt for this time was very old and rotten mugo. This one is really a bit too big, but...as It was already dug out, we have to carry it to the car. And that was extremely difficult task.

Chajko's catch

In the next two days, I will put fotos of Metuselah planted in temporary pot in my garden.

3 komentara:

  1. high guys,
    would should i say ... wouh its the only think i have in mind ... are there in this stunning aereas also picea abies ? i saw great ones growing in this enviroment ...
    good job very very good ... you both can be envied

  2. Yes my dear avicenna, there are many piceas here on this mountains. It is a bit difficult to find very good specimen and they are much more complicated to transplant than mugo is. But, if I find one, I will take it, that's for sure.