subota, 16. siječnja 2010.

Carpinus orientalis 2010/2

And this is The Real Beast...authentic animal.

Tree in the wild.

Notice rocks and boulders around.

First measure

Two hours later....there are no rocks near the tree any more :).

Now it is possible to start removing the tree from the ground.

"12" is working all the time. I believe that this tree will be impossible to collect without help of "12" puller. That is because, after all surface roots were cut (at least all that was accessible), the tree was motionless, not an inch!!!

My friend Chajko with the beast halfly extracted from the ground.


Lunch break.

The Beast and his new home.
First picture from the possible back side.

Trunk width...50 cm. Nebari spread...80 cm. On these final pictures,, nebari and part of the trunk are covered with soil.

Possible front.

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  1. simply super ;-)
    and once again you can be envied ...
    stunning trees and a great tool.

  2. I´m deeply impressed! wish we could collect such trees here...but we have to wait until the earth is no longer frozen to start our yamadori in the north again....really good tree congratulations for that!
    Greetings from the north

  3. Thank you abana. We are just catching form :)

  4. But, abana, here where I live the ground is also frozen...stone frozen, that is the opportunity to go to the seaside to collect trees. And we have only 2 hours drive to the coast. And Carpinus orientalis doesn't seem to have problems with freezing when it's transported to the continental climate. In my garden it is -3 now. Last year I had 0 loss because of freezing with newly transplanted trees.

  5. Land rocky superhuman work in cold conditions this result ... a phenomenal beast. Congratulations Sebastijan is great tree.


  6. Thanks Vasile. There will be more like that... :)

  7. HI Sebastijan... great tree and look s like a good trip also... I know how long and how hard the work to dig this tree... The Crater say so!

    I have collected 12 Cratageus late last year but we have a big freeze and lots of snow... I will start again after NoelandersRegards