nedjelja, 4. listopada 2009.

The biggest problem... transportation of heavy pieces

Some locations are not accessible by car, and some yamadori pieces are just too heavy to carry with a backpack tree carrier. But, if there is a relatively usable forest fire road, this kind of device is very helpful. It is always easier to pull or push something that is on wheels than to carry one hundred kilos on your back.
Backpack tree carrier.

Team equiped with wheelbarrows. Much easier!!!

Trees packed for transportation to the car.

Loaded with yamadori :). You cannot carry this on your back.

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  1. hallo sebastian,
    i can always repeat ... you are to be envied very much cause of your stunning yamadoriaereas. now it's mugotime indeed ? ;-) but dont forget and keep in mind ... search some stunning mugos or ostryas for me .. I will come soon ;-)