nedjelja, 4. listopada 2009.

Pinus mugo "Broken One" and "Cascade"

Two new Pinus mugo.
These are wonderful mosses on the high mountain beech trees.

First mugo, "Cascade". This can very easily be a garden tree, a tree that can be, for example, positioned over the pond. But, as it will be grown in the pot, can be clasified as bonsai, although a bit big and wide. This tree had something magical in it's appearance, and when we saw it on the mountain, love was immediate.
The tree has natural and beautiful shari. The coils and spirals are fantastic. I like the tree very much because it is very unusual. Something like cascading literati style of bonsai. It grew on the same cliff as Prometheus.

Spirals on the Cascade.

Shari on the Cascade.

And this is "Broken One". Well, it is not broken, but it looks like it is.

The trunk is very fat. To me, that's terribly ugly. But, the main volume of the trunk will be drilled and sharied, so, this will not exist in the future.

The collecting season will intensify in the next few weeks, and it will be ended November the first. Untill then, there will be more new coniferous material.

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  1. hallo my friend Sebastian...
    you are really to be envied with these incredibly, great Mugos indeed also with the other Yamadori. highly respect !!! I will build a few very stunning and stylisch rockbowls for you and hopefully I get soon the possibility to visit you - to make our deal;-) rock bowls for cool Yamadori;-)and not at least take a look to your stunning collektion ;-)