subota, 10. listopada 2009.

Metuselah potted

Well, this is Metuselah in the pot. This is my biggest tree, and, I think, it's little too big. But, what does it mean "too big"? Now it measures cca 140cm from base to the top of the green mass. It is obviously a kind of literati cascading tree. This curve on the first picture is a cascading part. Probably, in the future, there will not be any green higher than that curve. On the contrary, the tree will cascade back towards the ground and future crown can be positioned in the middle part of the trunk, or, at highest, in the upper third. That will result with the tree 80 centimeters high, or even less. Only high positioned curve will be at the highest point. The bark on the curve is fantastic and old, so that can be very interesting attention spot. Much shari on this tree is obligatory in final design because, it has already rotten core and many stubs left from cutting dead branches.
Nebari is almost 50-60 cm wide. The tree was collected with good root system and I'm not too affraid if Metu will survive.
I believe this tree is old.

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  1. hallo sebastian,
    i dont think that this mugo is too big ... remeber walters larix with the stoneaxe, everyone says .. iam sure ... that tree is too big and what do people say now ?... my opinion is, that this mugo will get a stunning one and a ledgend in a few years and ... thats important ! now you are young and strong ;-) and in 30 years you will remember that damed work that you have had with it and this tree will always remeber at that moments ... it will rate high in your memories.

  2. Oh yes avicenna, I believe in your words.

  3. ...bez kalkulacija, hoće li ili ne primiti se... dam ti Pajceka za ovoga...
    Drvo mi se baš dopada ... respekt!!!

  4. E dragi pajceka...neeeee, znaš ti za kojega može :)

  5. Gle, ak ti dam T-Rexa, ostat ćeš bez i jednog drveta u dvorištu :)
    Nema govora, ovo ti je najbolje drvo u dvorištu... još jedan respekt !

  6. Ne kužim, kak ću ostat bez ijednog drveta, pa doći će t rex :). To ti je jedan za jedan