petak, 29. siječnja 2010.

Carpinus orientalis 2010/4

This is a new one. The dig was pure stone. Almost. My dear Mario...without your 120 kg and lot of good will...that would be much harder. Thanks.

Very nice terrain for digging trees, don't you think?
What now?
The monster with a new owner. Which one is The Monster??? :)

A few possible angulations and positions in the pot. In a couple of years time.
This is a tiny one :)

Back side, maybe?

subota, 23. siječnja 2010.

Carpinus orientalis 2010/3

Traveling to the coast, this is type of scenery you can expect. Saturday, early morning. We hit the road once again. Our early collecting season is taken very seriously.

Mario and white car in front of us.
Seaside collecting location...Carpinus orientalis habitat. Typical.
Carpinus orientalis habitat.
And again.
One new catch. Middle size Carpinus in the ground with some branches already cut.

Nice branching of primary branches makes a very good structure for future developement.

Of course, some branches and part of the trunk has to be shortened in the future.

Beautiful little one...again, nice branching, good nebari.

subota, 16. siječnja 2010.

Carpinus orientalis 2010/2

And this is The Real Beast...authentic animal.

Tree in the wild.

Notice rocks and boulders around.

First measure

Two hours later....there are no rocks near the tree any more :).

Now it is possible to start removing the tree from the ground.

"12" is working all the time. I believe that this tree will be impossible to collect without help of "12" puller. That is because, after all surface roots were cut (at least all that was accessible), the tree was motionless, not an inch!!!

My friend Chajko with the beast halfly extracted from the ground.


Lunch break.

The Beast and his new home.
First picture from the possible back side.

Trunk width...50 cm. Nebari spread...80 cm. On these final pictures,, nebari and part of the trunk are covered with soil.

Possible front.