subota, 16. siječnja 2010.

Carpinus orientalis 2010/1

Collecting season has started this year a week or two early. At the seaside we have already mild temperatures, around 8 to 10 Celsius. These are few first yamadori Carpinus orientalises of year 2010.

The first one is a wonderful little tree, 30-40cm high with nebari 10-12cm wide. Branch pattern is nicely positioned.
The tree as it was found.

This year we have new tool for digging trees. This is a sort of power lifter (or power puller) with capacity up to 1500 kg of pulling strenght. It's a fantastic tool with enormous practical effect. While digging trees, especially in this type of terrain where you can find lot of rocks and stones, in one moment you cannot reach all the roots that are positioned under the root ball. This is the critical moment where the tree has to be "broken" from the ground, teared out. Some very large trees are extremely difficult to break. Even two or three men cannot do it. At least Mario, Chajko and I, we cannot brake such a strong tree. And three of us together have almost 300kg of body mass. So in that situations, this type of 1500 kilos power puller is fantastic help. Mario named it "12", as it has strenght of 12 men. And he was right.
Sometimes, as in this particular situation, the tree growes over the rock face. "12" extracted the tree together with the rock from the ground after the initial digging around the tree and cutting the important nebari roots. Of course, you have to be careful not to break important roots or whole tree!
You can see the tree sitting on the rock.

You have to have strong tree or a rock nearby to secure distal end of pulling rope. These ropes are ropes for pulling cars. They have hooks already attached to their ends.
Little beautiful Carpinus orientalis in temporary pot.
FS :)

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  1. This one is according to my taste :)Congrats to nice yamadoris.

  2. Taky bych rád takový, jeden den...
    I´d like to have such one, one day...