subota, 23. siječnja 2010.

Carpinus orientalis 2010/3

Traveling to the coast, this is type of scenery you can expect. Saturday, early morning. We hit the road once again. Our early collecting season is taken very seriously.

Mario and white car in front of us.
Seaside collecting location...Carpinus orientalis habitat. Typical.
Carpinus orientalis habitat.
And again.
One new catch. Middle size Carpinus in the ground with some branches already cut.

Nice branching of primary branches makes a very good structure for future developement.

Of course, some branches and part of the trunk has to be shortened in the future.

Beautiful little one...again, nice branching, good nebari.

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  1. hallo sebastian ... I always have to envy you ...always ;-) stunning and wonderful ... thats all i have to say ;-)

  2. ... i dalje samo tako... dobra ti drva buraz!